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Kanye West Portrait

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Among the short list of people who need little to no introduction, Kanye West has cemented himself as one the most polarizing artists of time, resting or alive. Pink Polo and backpack, red suit, one E note, his legacy will outlive generations. Kanye had already pushed every boundary within the lens of Hip Hop as a producer, to being vulnerable through love and loss, to what’s widely regarded as the greatest album in Hip Hop’s discography. It was in 2013 where we would all learn he was just getting started. With his long desire to dive into the fashion industry, Kanye often collided with powerhouses that sought control over his ideas. From designs, to ownership and likeness, there was no way for Ye to get his foot through the door so he had to create his own empire known as YZY. Kanye’s sixth studio album, Yeezus, is essentially a fuck you to the industry, and the trials and tribulations of the creative. The lack of a cover art, the blank CD, the striking sonics, the lyrics. It’s aggressive, it’s made with conviction, and it shifted the Hip Hop Paradigm. West went on an American Tour for 45 shows and featured Pusha-T, Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott and A Tribe Called Quest on select dates.

**Frame not included**