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Tame Impala Portrait

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Just like most people, many are surprised to learn that Tame Impala is not a group nor band but a one man show. That’s right, Kevin Parker is the artist who writes, records and composes all the music that the world loves and recognizes as Tame Impala. Currents is the third studio album that Tame Impala released in 2015. Filled with psychedelic pop + rock, this album is the most recognized project with songs like Let It Happen, The Less I Know The Better and New Person, Same Old Mistakes. When Kevin does tour, he performs with a group of musician friends to form a band, which brings out the essence of a live show even more! Tame Impala is widely known around the world, even amongst hip hop, collaborating with some of the likes of Rihanna, SZA, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi and more!

**Frame not included**